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This Is The Sweet Way Meryl Streep Bonded With The ‘Big Little Lies’ Cast

She took her grandmother duties very seriously

As a young actor or actress, working with Meryl Streep is no doubt life changing. Being coached by one of the world’s most famous women wouldn’t just be great training, it would be formative to any young person’s career. So when she came on board for Big Little Lies season two, we couldn’t wait to see who got to star across from the icon.

10 year olds Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti, who play Celeste’s (Nicole Kidman) twin sons, Josh and Max, were the two lucky fledgling actors who got the privilege. According to Vanity Fair’s podcast In The Limelight, co-host Josh Duboff shares an experience he had meeting the Crovetti twins’ father at the Big Little Lies premiere — and it’s nothing short of incredible.

According to Duboff, the twins were taken out by Streep the day before filming started in order to form a grandmotherly bond. Apparently she played board games with the twins, making sure they felt comfortable acting with her.

As per Duboff, the Crovetti twins’ father recounted how “Meryl’s just been so wonderful. The day before their first day of filming, Meryl wanted to really connect with the boys so she took them out for a fun day together. They played Jenga and they played all sorts of fun board games and Meryl was basically like their family on set.”

“They said that Nicole’s been wonderful the whole time. They all like doing things outside of set… they go to each other’s houses a lot,” Duboff continued.

“To be their age… you’re acting opposite Meryl Streep and Nicole Kidman in this kind of showstopping, dramatic scene. That’s something most actors would die for,” he says.

Can we play Jenga with you too, Meryl?

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