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Michael Clarke Opens Up For The First Time About His Relationship With Lara Worthington

They were the Aussie ‘It’ couple before it all came crashing down

Former Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke has opened up for the first time about his highly publicized relationship – and split -with model Lara Worthington (then Bingle).

The pair called off their engagement in 2010 and Clarke walked out on a cricket tournament in New Zealand due to “personal reasons”.

“That was heavy. That was cameras 24/7,” he told 60 Minute reporter Allison Langdon. 

“That wasn’t my dream, I didn’t know that came with playing cricket for Australia.”

Clarke admits the public scrutiny became too mch to handle, that he was forced to lave his own home in the boot of a friends car.

“I got to a stage when I came back that I actually couldn’t stay in my own house,” he said.

“I didn’t feel comfortable. So I ended up hiding in the boot of my mate’s car, he picked me up in the garage, um and snuck out without the media … seeing me.”

Following the split, their were rumours that the $200,000 engagement ring had been flushed down the toilet of the Bondi apartment they shared.

“I’d like to say I’m a very silly man. But I’m not that silly,” he admitted.

“I’m not throwing any diamond ring down a toilet. Complete made-up 100 percent bulls**t!

Clarke is now married to Kyly Clarke and they are parents to two-year-old daughter Kelsey-Lee.

Lara has also moved on, married to actor Sam Worthington with whom she shares son Rocket Zot and is currently expecting baby number two.

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