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40% Of Millennials Have Chosen A Job Based On A TV Show, Says New Study

Which character did you aspire to be like?

A new study has looked at the key factors that help millennials decide on their career path with startling results.

Fletchers Solicitors created an infographic called Careers on the Box to represent their research, showing that 39% of Millennials say they chose their career based on a TV show, compared to 18% of all respondents. 

The most popular careers based on TV shows were police officers, doctors, and lawyers.

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Here are some characters that could have inspired our obsession with a certain career path…

Carrie Bradshaw (Sex and the City) – Writer

Carrie Bradshaw’s COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC lifestyle could definitely have inspired young women to be columnists one day. Her spacious New York apartment and luxurious shoe collection does not match the pay check she would have been getting in real life, so she certainly made a case for the glamorous writer’s life.

Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy) – Surgeon

We’re not really sure how many romances take place in the ER in real life, but we daresay it’s less than the scandals of Grey’s Anatomy. Meredith Grey was ambitious, smart and beautiful, and highly respected in her field. She also made the job look way easier than it probably is IRL.

Rachel Zane (Suits) – Lawyer

Though in a more recent show (2011 – present), Rachel Zane could still convince us to make a career change. She’s intelligent, confident, beautiful and known for her talent in the office. Is it too late to do a law degree?

Olivia Benson (Law & Order: SVU) – Detective

Not only is one of Taylor Swift’s cats named after Olivia Benson (the other one is named after Meredith Grey, FYI), but Benson was one of the most badass detectives in the sex-crimes unit. She’s empathetic, but also ruthless when she has to be.

Sookie (Gilmore Girls) – Chef

You couldn’t help but drool over Sookie’s cooking in Gilmore Girls, and she always looked like she was having so much fun doing it!

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