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Minnesota Teenager’s Miraculous Escape After Alleged Abduction And Abuse

The 15-year-old went missing on August 8

A 15-year-old Minnesota school girl had been missing from her home for almost a month. Now, chilling details have emerged about the teenager’s kidnapping and her miraculous escape.

According to USA Today, police say the girl was allegedly lured from her home on August 8 by 32-year-old Thomas Barker, who asked for help with his vehicle.

She was then allegedly driven to Barker’s home and restrained with zip ties. Police say the teenager was repeatedly assaulted for weeks by Barker and two other men.

Speaking to Fox 9, the girl recounted: “I was usually in a closet and I usually stayed quiet because I was scared they might hit me or do something.”

Alexandria Police Chief Rick Wyffels said in a statement: “Barker tied her up with zip ties and then he his roommate and friend over the next several weeks assaulted her and threatened her with weapons.” 

As The Sun reports, the girl managed to flee on Tuesday when she was left alone for the first time in 29 days. She reportedly managed to swim across a lake and found help from a farmer, who then called the police. 

Barker, Joshua Holby, 31, and Steven Powers, 20, have been arrested in connection with the teenager’s alleged kidnapping.

The brave teenager has been reunited with her mother and received treatment for minor injuries.

“I think she’s a warrior,” her mother, Sarah Block said. “She’s probably the strongest person I have ever known.”

The investigation continues. 

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