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Fans Are Convinced Miranda Hobbes Is Going To Come Out As Queer In ‘And Just Like That…’

There are several telling clues.

With the first two episodes of And Just Like That… having (finally) launched into the world’s abyss, fan theories about what’s to come for each of the beloved characters are running wild left right and centre—some with merit, others not so much. 

But there’s one in particular that’s really piqued our interest—is Miranda Hobbes going to come out as a queer? 

The first clue came before the new season had even premiered when a scene from a sneak peek revealed a meaningful moment between Miranda and another key character. Then as the first two episodes dropped, an extra couple of golden nugget clues cropped up. 

Of course, Miranda (played by Cynthia Nixon) appears to still be happily married to Steve Brady in the reboot—but going by the other bombshell in that final scene from episode one, it’s safe to say that stranger things have happened on this show. 

Nixon herself could have also encouraged the storyline from a personal perspective—she came out as bisexual in 2013, and later stated that she identifies as queer. 

So with that, we figured this theory about Nixon’s much-loved Miranda was worth investigating. Here, all the clues that suggest Miranda will come out as queer in And Just Like That… 

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Clue #1. The look

When the first extended trailer was released for And Just Like That in November, we got our first glimpse of Che Diaz, a new addition to the cast played by the formidable Sara Ramirez. 

The nonbinary, queer comedian is a podcast host who features Carrie Bradshaw on their weekly show. But in the trailer, a quick glimpse reveals Che and Miranda sharing a moment—and yes, there’s a look. There’s definitely something there, right?

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Clue #2. Their fight (and subsequent understanding) at the wake

Then came the actual scenes from the show which have only strengthened the theory (so far). At the wake of [the aforementioned bombshell at the end of episode one that we shall not mention], Miranda and Che have an awkward first encounter when the former lawyer sees them smoking weed with her young son, Brady Hobbes. 

An emotional Miranda yells at Che, who exasperatedly walks back inside to the wake. Once Miranda has cooled down, she goes to find Carrie, who (surprise surprise) is talking to Che. 

Carrie introduces the pair to each other and leaves them to chat. Embarrassed, Miranda apologises to Che for earlier, to which they respond: “Honestly that was very cool how you protected [Brady] out there.” 

Miranda replies: “Thank you—I guess I’m kinda like a mama bear.” 

Quick with their wit, Che says, “Mama bear? Honey try papa bear—like a big daddy silver back papa bear,” while growling. 

Miranda’s laughing, Che’s laughing and then… another look. 

(Credit: HBO)

Seriously, that chemistry is undeniable! And Miranda’s fully feeling it too. 


Clue #3. Both Cynthia Nixon and Sara Ramirez have alluded to their characters getting closer

After the episode aired on December 10, Ramirez, who is also non-binary, revealed at a roundtable that there was always going to be an energy between the two characters.

“When you bring together two people who are very powerful in their own right, who unapologetically speak their truth, you’re going to get some friction,” they explained, per Deadline

“You’re going to get some electricity, and that’s what we’re seeing. I think Che is also really inspired by the kind of fierce parent that Miranda is with her kid because Che did not grow up with that type of protection. So they are inspired and they’re intrigued [by Miranda].”

Meanwhile Nixon also commented on the potential connection her character has with Che in relation to Miranda’s transformational arc in the new series. 

“There are these two new people that she meets, one is Dr. Naya Wallace and the other is Che Diaz, this emerging rising stand-up comedy star.

“I think they both represent kind of entry points into this world that Miranda wants to join and to this new person Miranda is trying to transform herself into even though she doesn’t know that person is yet.” 

Of course, there’s a chance Miranda and Che will become very good friends platonically, but there’s definitely a clear-cut reason to believe that there could be something more there. Stay tuned… 

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