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Actress And Author Miranda Tapsell Is Pregnant With Her First Child

Congratulations to this growing family!

Congratulations are in order: beloved actress Miranda Tapsell is pregnant with her first child! Tapsell announced the news simply with a sweet pair of images shared via her social media profile. The first, an ultrasound showing the growing angel and a second of Tapsell with her husband, comedian James Colley.

Miranda Tapsell and James Colley
(Credit: Image via Instagram @misstap)

Tapsell captioned the sweet pictures, “Our very exciting production due 2021.”

Tapsell is a proud Larrakia and Tiwi woman, known for her incredible work in the films Top End Wedding, Love Child and The Sapphires. Tapsell is a highly multi-talented woman too, as well as starring in Top End Wedding she also co-wrote and produced the critically acclaimed Australian romantic comedy and also hosts a podcast with playwright Nakkiah Lui.

Last year Tapsell also authored a memoir, Top End Girl which dives into her life as an Aboriginal actress and what challenges she’s faced during her career

“Sharing my story is important … I think it is true that you don’t aspire to be what you cannot see. I would like this book to show you that you can push yourself to do things you never dreamed you would do,” Tapsell said of the book.

Miranda Tapsell Top End Girl

Tapsell’s husband Colley might also be familiar to you as another Australian media industry face. Colley has worked as a comedy writer for the ABC’s Gruen and The Weekly. As the story goes, the pair actually met on Twitter after Tapsell came across Colley’s profile. (Apparently, there are tangible upsides to being funny online to an audience of critical strangers!)

Tapsell has joked in the past that Colley’s proposal was less initially less than impressive. Per an interview with Now to Love, the actress shared the story: “We were in Europe before he proposed and we went up to the top of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and I thought he was going to propose but he didn’t.”

Miranda Tapsell James Colley married wedding

“He said to me, shall we get some champagne? And I was like, oh yes, I don’t mind! He’s got this photo of me which he put on social media from that day where I’m sipping on my wine with a disappointed look on my face,” said Tapsell, adding, “I was not happy!”

“But in some ways his proposal was a lot sweeter because it was at a playground where I used to play with my cousins when I came down for school holidays, which has a lot of childhood memories.”

Like the outpouring of love on social media from family, friends and fans, we wish this growing family all the best.

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