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BREAKING: Missing Teen Cassie Olczak Has Been Found Alive

Police confirm the teen has been found "alive and well".

Missing teen Cassie Olczak has been found safe and well.

Police have confirmed that the 16-year-old was found, after a witness spotted her walking alone a highway in Engadine in Sydney’s South.

Police approached the girl and confirmed her identity and say she had spent the past five days in the national park, reports the Daily Telegraph.

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“She has been in the bush … from what she said. Not that far from the train station area but she has been in the bush for this period of time,” said Assistant Superintendent Gary Ford.

“She’s obviously had some exposure to the elements but she’s pretty much really in good health considering.

“We will talk to her in the next 24 hours or so, once she’s recovered.”

Cassie’s mother Connie, who has been working tirelessly to loate her daughter all week, said she was “grateful” her daughter had been found and thanked everyone for their efforts.

“I just want the medical team to look after her … She’s been out for a long time,” she said.

“It’s just a miracle and I don’t even know what to say. I’m just grateful that they’ve found her.”

16-year-old Olzac was last spotted leaving Waterfall station on CCTV footage at 7:40pm on Sunday night before she went missing.

According to the Daily Telegraph, one witness claims to have seen the teenager looking “glazed and dazed”, leading to fears that she may have taken a substance before her disappearance.

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