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Mother Admits To Killing Daughter While High On Ice

She was driving a car after taking the illicit drug.

An Adelaide mother has admitted that she crashed a car while on drugs, which killed her four-year-old daughter.

Channel 9 News reports that Kylie Anne Hie had just attended a funeral at Mount Gambier with her daughter Charlotte May-Grace, and was found with methamphetamine in her system when she crashed the car. The collision occurred when Hie was trying to overtake a 40-tonne truck carrying timber in a tiny gap around a bend.

Her daughter died and Hie suffered serious injuries from the crash.

The prosecutor in court, Carmen Matteo, said that the drugs she was taking would have increased her risk-taking and made her more paranoid and irrational.

While previously Hie had denied the allegations made against her, she has now pleaded guilty to her charge of aggravated death by dangerous driving.

She will face court on October 12.

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