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Mother Of Two Who Went Missing While Jogging Has Been Found

Sherri Papini has reportedly been reunited with her husband

The mother of two who went missing during an afternoon jog on November 2 has been found safe.

Sherri Papini, 34, was last seen jogging north of Redding, in northern California, she never returned home and her family feared she had been abducted.

The Shasta County Sheriff’s Office confirmed Ms Papini had been found but have provided no further details around the circumstances of her disappearance.

In a statement, police confirmed that she was found “out of the area” and was in a safe, stable condition and is currently receiving medical clearance in hospital.

The statement also says she has been reunited with husband Keith Papini.

The disappearance came soon after three women were murdered, in separate incidents, while jogging in the US, and fears were growing that Ms Papini had also been abducted.

Panini’s sister had ruled out the possibility that the mother of two had simply left. “She was out for a run. She wouldn’t leave her babies,” Sheila Koester told The Toronto Sun.

Her husband had been appealing to the public for help, telling KRCTV: “Bring her home, bring her home, just bring her home. Bring her home safe there is a $50,000 reward just bring her home.”

“If she is listening I want to say, ‘We are trying, we are trying the best we can and I am sorry I’m not there,'” said husband Keith, crying. “I’m coming honey. I am trying, I’m doing everything I can and I love you.”

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