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5 Heartbreaking Moments From SBS Insight’s ‘Mothers Who Leave’

This episode of Insight opened up stories of why a mother would choose to leave her children.

SBS Insight aired a raw, emotional episode last night focusing on the many perspectives and often devastating effects of mothers leaving their children. Hosted by Jenny Brockie, the show brought on guests from all different sides of each situation – mothers, children, and husbands alike.

These five heartbreaking moments particularly struck us:

Richard Glover Opening Up About His Mother Running Off With His English Teacher

Australian broadcaster Richard Glover always approaches things with good humour. Initially he joked about the meeting of his mother and hsi English teacher when he was 15, chuckling while he said: “If you do read my book about this and you find some grammatical mistakes, I want you to be sympathetic. Because if my mother hadn’t run off with my English teacher…!” However he broke down when he described going through her papers after her death, and finding the love letters to his English teacher with mentions of him, and especially the ‘misery’ she felt having him and not being able to be with the English teacher.

Melissa Collins Describing Leaving Her Two Boys As ‘Hell’

Melissa left her two boys with her husband who was a lawyer two years ago, as she was unhappy in the marriage, and she thought it was the right thing to do for her kids. She said of the experience: “It’s hell, it’s just hell. I’ve lost friends, I’ve had family members question my sanity.”

Krystal Kinsela On The Effects Of Conflict On Children

Krystal left her husband after they were constantly fighting, and she couldn’t find work in Port Macquarie so she left for Sydney. She explained that she wanted what was best for her children: “I want them to feel safe and secure and stable in one environment, and I knew they would have that with their dad.”

The New Zealand Daughters Opening Up About Rebuilding The Relationship With Their Mum

Teigan Reid, 24, wrote a revealing letter to her mother Shelley last year, confronting her about the fact that she left her and her sister at the age of four. She and her mum discussed the situation on the show from both sides of the story, and questioning whether the mother did it for herself or her children. SBS has published an excerpt of the letter.

Mauzin Claude On Her Struggle With Mental Illness

Mauzin left her three kids under six years old with her husband four years ago because she was worried that she would ‘pollute’ them. She struggled with post-traumatic stress disorder and was very close to committing suicide. When her kids are old enough, she explained that she would say “Mummy was sick”.

The episode certainly struck a chord with many who had been in similar situations, and was heartbreaking and incredibly interesting to watch. 

You can watch the full episode here:

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