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Mexican Mother Dies After Taking Diet Pills

She was reportedly trying to lose weight after giving birth

After reportedly taking diet pills for just four weeks, Mexican mother Lucero Priscila Garza Campos tragically lost her life.  

The 24-year-old mother had allegedly been taking slimming pills called ‘Avitia Cobrax’ that she had bought online, The Independent reports. 

Ms Garza had started taking the tablets in an attempt to lose the weight she had gained from her pregnancy.

After taking the tablets, Ms Garza started developing health problems including severe headaches and she was rushed to hospital in Nuevo Leon. According to Mexican newspaper El Universal, the mother stopped breathing and was hooked up to a breathing machine.

The young mum’s family has confirmed they made the heartbreaking decision to turn of her life support after six days in intensive care.

She is survived by her 14-month old baby and husband. The Sun reports that diet pills such as the ones taken by Ms Garza have been banned in Mexico since 2014. 

The pills were reportedly sold on Facebook and other sites, but pages advertising them have since been removed from online marketplaces. 

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