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Mums to get massive childcare win under Labor

Labor pledges billions to fix the embattled childcare system
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Are you a Mum or planning to be one? Labor wants your vote.

In the past two days, Federal Labor has announced a multi-billion-dollar boost to childcare, in a bid to cut waiting lists and make it more affordable.

Opposition Leader Bill Shorten yesterday announced that it would boost the childcare budget by $3 billion.

Now, the Labor party will today announce another $160million funding increase to childcare and after-school waiting lists, according to the ABC.

Altogether the Labor has pledged to:

– Increase the means-tested Child Care Benefit payment by 15 per cent (up to $31 per child per week)

– Lift the childcare rebate cap from $7500 to $10,000 a year per child to help more than 100,000 families

– Invest $100 million over three years to help cut childcare waiting lists in 300 areas of high-demand

– Commit $63.2 million to establish or expand after-school care

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