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Mysterious Girl Wandering The Streets Of Rome Refuses To Go Home

Her father is devastated after an emotional reunion.

The father of a mysterious homeless 21-year-old girl wandering the streets of rome was devastated to discover that she didn’t want to come home.

Daily Mail reports that she had an emotional reunion with her father Tahvo at the Swedish Embassy in Italy, and that she rejected his request for her to return home to Sweden.

Tahvo told Daily Mail in an interview that he is heartbroken.

“She’s a wreck. Embla is not herself. She is a different person. She barely talked to us.


“She wants to go back to living on the street. She doesn’t want to come home.


“We want to take her back to Sweden but it is so difficult. If she were in Sweden it would be so much better.”

He broke down in tears and couldn’t believe that police had made the decision.

“How can the [Italian] authorities let her go back in the streets. She is not well.


“I cannot let her go back to sleeping outside and begging for food.”

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Police were initially baffled by an investigation into the identity of a 21-year-old girl wandering the streets of Rome.

Daily Mail broke the story that the girl had finally been identified soon after her father, Tahvo Jauhojärvi got in touch with police. His daughter Embla had gathered interest as people on the Internet speculated whether she could be Madeleine McCann, who went missing shortly before her fourth birthday in May 2007. She was also linked to the case of missing American girl Amanda Adlai.


A Facebook page dedicated to figuring out her identity said that she responded to questions in English, and was wandering around with few belongings and would not accept offers of money. Though it was initially suspected she was British or American, her father revealed that she is in fact Swedish.


Her father told Daily Mail, that he was relieved to have found her.


“She has been missing for six months since May. I knew she was going to Italy and to study Italian as a language.


“I’ve tried for six months to get help from police in Sweden, but they have been no help.


“I had hopes that she was going to do what she went there to do. I want her home.”

The search for her identity began when the Facebook page posted this photo of her on the streets.

Her father also revealed that she suffers from Aspergers Syndrome, and that she has been living with him for the past eight years, after he separated from her mother 13 years ago.

Though he had tried to get Swedish police to track her down after her disappearance, he reported that they did not take action as she was an adult.

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