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Natalie Portman Reportedly Separates From Husband After Cheating Rumours

The couple were married for 11 years.
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American actress Natalie Portman and her husband, French dancer Benjamin Millepied, have reportedly separated following his alleged affair.

A source told Us Weekly that the couple, who have two children together—Aleph, 12, and daughter Amalia, 6—have decided to end their 11 years of marriage.

“After news of his affair came out, they’ve been trying to work on their marriage but are currently on the outs,” the source said.

Portman was spotted in Sydney on August 4, her wedding anniversary, without her husband. She was also noticeably not wearing her 4 carat, Jamie Wolf-designed engagement ring.

She is Down Under to support the FIFA Women’s World Cup at an event organised by her soccer team Angel City Football Club.

The pair have been married for 11 years. (Credit: Image: Getty)

Natalie Portman’s representative is yet to respond to the reports.

This update comes just two months after Millepied made headlines for an alleged affair with Camille Étienne, a well-known advocate for climate change and social justice. Étienne is just 25, while Millepied is 46.

The news was published by Voici, a French magazine which had images of Millepied and Étienne meeting up in his office.

At first the couple appeared to present a united front, with sources telling Page Six that they intended to resolve the alleged issue.

“They have not split and are trying to work things out. Ben is doing everything he can to get Natalie to forgive him. He loves her and their family.”

The news comes after a long marriage between Millepied and Portman, who met back in 2009 on the set of her Oscar-winning film Black Swan. He was the choreographer.

Millepied proposed in 2010 and they married in Big Sur, California in 2012.

They share two children, Aleph, 12, and daughter Amalia, 6. (Credit: Image: Getty)

“I met my husband on it, so I think I was in, like, dreamland,” Portman said of creating Black Swan to SiriusXM in 2018. “He was teaching me to dance. You know, one of those romantic [stories] … It was definitely exciting and fun. It was beautiful. I don’t know about instant. It was like I really got to know him and that was when it seemed like, ‘Oh this is the person.’”

Portman and Millepied worked together again in 2018 on Vox Lux, where Portman played a pop star named Celeste. Again, Millepied choreographed the film.

Millepied or Portman are yet to make official comment on the state of their relationship.

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