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What Happened To John And Michael Carr From Netflix’s True Crime Series, ‘The Sons Of Sam’?

The new docuseries, detailing the crimes of David Berkowitz, has captivated the world.

Netflix’s latest true crime deep dive, The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness has captivated viewers since its release this month. While the series is a re-examination of the New York City Son of Sam shootings, in which serial killer David Berkowitz was convicted in 1977, the four-part project also tells the story of investigative journalist Maury Terry, who spent his career attempting to uncover the darker truth behind the events. 

Filmmaker Joshua Zeman is behind the true-crime retelling, which uses archival news footage, conversations with people involved in the original investigation and Terry’s own words and case files to tell the story of a man obsessed with exposing what really happened, ultimately, leading him into a rabbit hole he’d “never come out of”. 

One of the most fascinating theories to arise from the documentary is whether or not Berkowitz worked alone, with Terry long holding the belief that the serial killer worked with accomplices to carry out the crimes (which saw six people die and left seven others wounded). 

Below, everything there is to know about John and Michael Carr. 

Why Was Maury Terry Convinced Berkowitz Didn’t Act Alone? 

After being captured by police in 1977, Berkowitz confessed to the shootings and pleaded guilty, later being handed down six life sentences (which he is still serving today). Berkowitz would later tell police that it was his neighbour Sam Carr’s “possessed dog” that ordered him to commit the crimes, however, Terry wasn’t convinced he acted alone. 

Despite Berkowitz not matching the “tall and blonde” description the Son of Sam survivors provided police, it was Terry uncovering John and Michael Carr, who were quite literally sons of Sam, that had him convinced the killings weren’t done by a single person. The brothers were the sons of Sam Carr, Berkowitz’s neighbour. 

In fact, in one interview conducted between Terry and Berkowitz, he alleged the brothers were his accomplices—although, it’s important to note they were never formally under police investigation. 

After creating the docuseries, Zeman spoke out about what he believes really happened. 

“There’s a preponderance of evidence to suggest that Berkowitz didn’t act alone,” he said, per The Wrap“I have been told the names of those individuals, some of whom are still alive. So, you know, that remains to be seen… I think that I think there’s obviously enough doubt to suggest that it’s worth looking into.” 

(Credit: Netflix.)

Who Were John And Michael Carr, And What Happened To Them?  

Besides the brothers being literally sons of Sam, the sons of Berkowitz’s neighbour, Sam Carr, Terry spent decades trying to link the pair to the crimes that took place in New York City in the ’70s. 

Although their connection to the case would become difficult to prove, with both brothers passing away in the years following Berkowitz’s arrest in 1977—which many believe to be under suspicious circumstances. 

John Carr was shot in the head in North Dakota in 1978, with his death sparking a conspiracy theory that’d he’d died after learning police were investigating his possible connection to the case. Although, that theory has never been proved. 

Interestingly, following John’s death investigators would discover he had been writing the son of Sam symbol—which the killer had taunted police with following the killings—on telephone books. 

Michael Carr similarly died in mysterious circumstances in 1979 in a car accident in Manhattan, two years after Berkowitz confessed to the crimes and the same year police allegedly began looking at potential connections between the Carrs and Berkowitz. 

The Sons of Sam: A Descent Into Darkness is currently available to stream on Netflix. 

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