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The Surprising Places Australians Are Watching Netflix

Because Mindhunter isn't going to watch itself

No longer do you have to eavesdrop on conversations between commuters when you’re bored on the bus or train, thanks to streaming giant Netflix.

With just a set of headphones and a phone with a bit of juice, you can continue binge-watching Alias Grace or power through yet another episode of The Sinner, outside of your own home.

Turns out, there are a tonne of other Australians doing the same. New research released by Netflix has revealed 59 percent of Aussies are watching the platform’s shows and films in public. A whopping 34 percent are catching Netflix content on their daily commute to work, while 32 percent are viewing it in cafes and restaurants.

A disturbing piece of information also uncovered in the study? 8 percent of people are watching shows from the streaming giant while in a public bathroom (yes, really).

And with binge-watching outside of the home comes the risk of being judged for your viewing habits (although this writer sees no real shame in watching Sharknado 3 in public). But one in five surveyed said they’ve experienced “show shame” about what they were caught watching.  

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The study confirms our suspicions that our viewing habits have drastically changed in recent years. And better yet, it’s validated our belief that watching Netflix is sometimes better than exchanging words with another human being.

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