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New NSW Minister For Women Tanya Davies Causes Outrage By Revealing Pro-Life Stance

In her first day on the job, she has caused controversy with her personal views.
ABC News

NSW’s new Minister For Women, Tanya Davies, who was sworn in yesterday, has caused controversy by revealing her pro-life stance on abortion.

She revealed her views in a press conference yesterday. At first she was asked whether she supports abortion on demand, to which she replied that “all women need to be supported throughout their life”.

“The choice is in their hands, but whatever choice they make, the community needs to support them.”

However she was pressed for comment on her personal views, and asked whether she would consider herself ‘pro-choice’.

“Personally, I am pro-life,” she replied. “But in my role I am there to support all women.”

The topic of abortion is a sensitive issue for many women at the moment, with US President Donald Trump recently signing an anti-abortion executive order while surrounded by men.

ABC News reports that Claire Pullen from the Women’s Electoral Lobby argued that most women in NSW do not share Ms Davies’ view.

“It is a concern if the Minister for Women wasn’t prepared to take into account the community standard.

“The overwhelming majority of people in New South Wales are pro-choice and we would want a Minister for Women who is prepared to trust women and doctors to make personal medical decisions.”

However, let’s not get up in arms yet. Ms Davies made it clear in the press conference that while this is her personal view, she would be there to support all women, and she has no plans to change policy around abortion.

The new Premier of NSW, Gladys Berejiklian made sure that this much was clear.

“Can I just stress on that point that there is obviously no change in policy in relation to those issues,” she said.

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