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Nick Cummins Responds To Backlash Over The ‘Bachelor’ Finale

The Honey Badger's not happy

Following a brief (and vague) interview with Lisa Wilkinson on The Project, Australia’s first Bachelor to leave the show as single as he came on it, Nick Cummins, took off to Papua New Guinea in hopes that when he returned we all would’ve forgotten about the show’s finale.

Touching down in Brisbane airport on Wednesday, the former Wallabies winger had a message for fans not yet over the result of the reality TV show, saying people need to “get over it.”

According to, a reporter at the airport asked Nick, “I think you owe the [Bachelor] girls an explanation, don’t you?”

To which the 31-year-old replied, “It was six months ago, mate. I think we’re all over it. I think you need to [get over it].”

Of course, the Honey Badger is forgetting that for the nation of Australia, the shock twist happened just one week ago. 

Thankfully, it looks like we’ll soon get some more answers on this week’s Sunday Project, where Nick will have another go at explaining (and perhaps ask to buy the women a drink again.)

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