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Nico Tortorella Says They’d Be Keen To Make A Liza And Josh ‘Younger’ Spin-Off, And Can We Please Make That Happen?

Don’t tease us like this.

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 7 of Younger. Proceed at your own risk!

There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when the final episode of Younger aired a few days ago. Over seven seasons we’ve watched Liza Miller (played by Sutton Foster), as she navigates love, new friendships and her career.

Whether you were happy with the finale rests heavily on whether you’re #TeamCharles or #TeamJosh. Ultimately, Liza and Charles decide there’s too much history between them to make it work. It’s an emotional break-up, but a mutually respectful one.

“I’m glad that Charles and Liza could have one last moment before they ultimately realised that Liza’s lie does have consequences — it’s why ultimately, they will never work. It broke my heart, but it felt true to the characters,” Foster told Variety.


Those sitting firmly in the #TeamJosh camp will be over the moon with the final scene, which left Liza and Josh’s relationship open to the possibility of reconnecting.

“Nico (Tortorella who plays Josh) and I have so much love and respect for one another, and it was Nico’s last scene so he was a bawling mess. I would be lying if I said that as we were playing the scene, there wasn’t a hint of familiarity, affection and possibility. I don’t know,” she told the publication.

The entire scene plays out almost identically to the night they first met in episode one, season one. It’s very nostalgic and emotional to watch, with Josh still a firm fixture in her life against all odds.

“I love the line where he says, ‘I’ve been here all along’. Like, yeah! He has. He’s been there the whole time. So, I don’t know,” Foster said, when asked whether she believed they’d make it work.


Tortorella is just as happy with the ending, looking back on the memories fondly at what was a highly emotional time for everyone involved.

“While we were filming, Sutton got the script on her phone and started reading it. She got to the end, she started crying, then looked at me and said, ‘It’s you and me, baby. It’s you and me,” they recalled to Yahoo.

Better yet, Tortorella has also been pushing for a spin-off or even a movie. They really believe in Josh as a character, and believe he’s deserving of more time on our screams (and honestly, so do we).

“I’ve been the first one to say on a Zoom call or in interviews that we should do a movie,” they said.

“And then we’ll save the reveal of Josh’s last name — which we still don’t know, by the way — for a spinoff or whatever. I mean, the landscape of television is so vast, and Younger is still thriving. Did I send an e-mail about a Josh spinoff to the powers that be? Yeah, I did. I miss Josh, I miss Younger, I miss Darren [Star], I miss Viacom, I miss Paramount. I really think there’s an amazing story that could be told about a tattoo artist raising a child as a single father. How realistic is it that it’ll happen? I don’t know. But I’m trying to start conversations,” they said.

There’s nothing official in the works, so for now we’ll have to keep ourselves satisfied by re-watch old episodes. Hey, that sounds like our average Friday night, anyway. 

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