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Nicole Kidman Brought Back Her Iconic Chanel No.5 Dress For The Met Gala

"If you take care of them and love them they are timeless."
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Nicole Kidman has arrived at the Met Gala and her gown looks a little familiar. 

The gown, which features a soft pink feathered design with sequins, is the same gown the actress wore in her iconic Chanel No.5 commercial in 2004. 

nicole kidman met gala
Nicole Kidman is wearing a very familiar dress to the Met Gala.

The iconic advertisement was a nod to Baz Luhrmann’s Moulin Rouge and featured the actress running from paparazzi in a flowing pink chiffon dress. 

Nicole has returned to the iconic dress for this year’s Met Gala, which has invited celebrities to sartorially reference Karl Lagerfeld and his work. 

Speaking about her dress to Vogue livestream host La La Anthony on the Met Gala red carpet, Nicole confirmed that the pink gown was the same one.  

“I have the sketches from when he was drawing it,” Nicole said. “I remember fitting it repeatedly, my deep deep love of Karl came from this time together so to be able to honour him and wear this now for Chanel and show how these couture gowns last. If you take care of them and love them, they are timeless.” 

For the Met Gala, Kidman has chosen to wear her hair in a messy style, which when paired with the dress, gives the star a slightly ethereal vibe. 

Nicole Kidman in the Chanel No.5 commercial (Credit: Chanel)

By re-wearing her iconic dress, Kidman has also brought a touch of sustainable fashion to the Met Gala’s red carpet—which we love to see. 

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