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Nikki Phillips Shares Her Pregnancy Struggles In Heartfelt Post

"After two years of trying and three miscarriages I thought it was never meant to happen for us"

Nikki Phillips just opened up about her struggles to get pregnant and the three miscarriages she had to go through before reaching this point.

The model is now at 30 weeks, starting her story by writing, “for those who don’t know, it’s a boy!”

But it wasn’t easy to get to this point. The 34-year-old revealed on her blog, By Nikki Phillips, that she’s been through three miscarriages, saying, “over the past two years, I have never felt more alone.”

“The first scan revealed the miracle of life growing inside me and despite a massive panic about money, work and timing we were over the moon,” she wrote of her first pregnancy.

“But it wasn’t to be. At 9 weeks we naturally miscarried. In and out of emergency it was a frightening and alarming experience, but one we picked ourselves up from 6 months later and tried again.”

“It’s the most emotional roller-coaster I have ever been on. From extreme highs to devastating lows,” she wrote. 

She says that after the third miscarriage, she and husband, Dane Rumble, decided to take some time out before trying again, which she says, “was the best decision we made.”

Finding out she was pregnant for the fourth time was both exciting and terrifying.

“Once you’ve had a miscarriage – that magic made-for-TV ‘we’re pregnant!’ moment is never the same. With nervous hearts and heads we were excited and thankful for the little spirit on board, but at the same time – you can’t help but wonder if s/he’ll ever make it to your arms.”

Now 30 weeks along, Nikki and Dane can finally be overjoyed about welcoming a baby boy into the world this July.

She writes that she hopes being open about her experience with miscarriages will help others who have gone through the same thing. “There are so, so many of us – not just the women going through the physical loss, but the fathers and families who feel it too.”

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