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North West Is About To Become A Youtuber

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If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be a Kardashian child, look no further than the life of North West, who recently received her first ever magazine cover, walked her first runway show and is now in talks to become a Youtube star. All at the age of five. 

Announced via Twitter by her mother, Kim Kardashian West, it was revealed that the world should officially get ready to see Northie on the small screen, teaming up with famous Youtuber JoJo Siwa in what will no doubt be a hugely popular video. 

Starting off with a humble tweet (as all good business partnerships do), Kim posted a video of North at one of the family’s famous Sunday Sessions, a church service packed with music and led by Kanye West.

Revealing that the bow North is wearing is from JoJo’s range, the 15-year-old Youtuber then wrote back, saying she’d like to send North some special ones for herself. 

Apparently, the relationship went from there, with JoJo and North/Kim texting “around five times a day”. Part of that texting, according to an interview JoJo did with E! News, is to organise a guest appearance from North on one of her videos. 

According to E!, the video will be filmed at JoJo’s house, not at Kim’s Calabasas mansion, and will likely feature North West dancing in some form. 

JoJo shot to notoriety through her two-seasons on Dance Moms but is now famous in her own right thanks to a slew of Nickelodeon appearances and her Youtube channel, which sees millions of views per week. 

North West, are you ready for your close up?

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