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NRL Star Beau Ryan Made This Ovarian Cancer Patient’s Dying Wish Come True

She is only 22 years old.

Former NRL star rushed to the bedside of a 22-year-old Australian women who had late-stage ovarian cancer to fulfil her dying wish.

Kia Lettice was told that she had just hours to live on Tuesday night, when her friend Mahalia Murphy sprung into action. As a big NRL fan, Kia had asked for Greg Inglis or Beau Ryan to come see her as her dying wish, and Mahalia knew how to make it happen.

Mahalia posted a public status to Facebook, reaching out to anyone who could make Kia’s wish come true.

URGENT REQUEST!!! Any assistance to boost my friend up?” she wrote. “She is currently in Prince of Wales hospital and has roughly 4hours to live as she’s fighting cancer.

“She wants Greg Inglis or beau Ryan To come see her. If everyone can share this or get in contact for me this would be much appreciated.”

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Commenters quickly tagged any of their friends who had connections with the rugby stars and Beau Ryan got in contact with Mahalia saying that he would be there in two hours.

He commented on Mahalia’s post, “Leaving Shellharbour now! See you in two hours. Tell her to stay strong.”

Mahalia later shared several photos to Facebook showing Kia with Beau Ryan, and said that “the energy she gained from his presence was amazing”.

She wrote, “Thanks to everyone for making this special moment happen Beau Ryan you are a true legend man. Can’t thank you enough for this moment

Kia Beau Ryan

Beau Ryan also shared a sweet photo on his Facebook page with a simple heart emoji as the caption.

Beau Ryan Kia

Unfortunately Greg Inglis was in Brisbane so could not make it to Sydney in time, but said that he would have loved to come see her. He called her instead, and Kia’s relative Jarrod spoke to Daily Mail about the experience.

“She talked to Greg Inglis [on the phone],” Jarrod said. “He’s in Queensland but he said he will come and see her when he’s back and Ryan said he’ll make some time to come back and visit her again.”

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He also said that meeting Beau Ryan gave her so much strength. 

“You were able to see it [her spirits lifting], her eyes opened up more, she was sitting up actually taking photos and smiling.”

It seems that this lovely gesture has helped her hold on and stay strong.

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