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Lynette Daley: Brutal death reviewed after 60,000 sign petition

The NSW Director of Public Prosecutions has bowed to public pressure
ABC Four Corners

Independent lawyers will review a decision not to prosecute two men over the death of a young woman left to bled to death on a beach in Northern NSW.

The announcement comes after almost 60,000 people signed a petition urging a review of the case.

Lynette Daley, 33, died in January 2011 from serious injuries after violence sex acts were performed on her on Ten Mile Beach.

Daley was with two men, Paul Maris and Adrian Atwater. They called an ambulance that night saying Daley had lost consciousness after a night of drinking.

When ambulance officers arrived, Daley, a mother of seven, was bruised, naked and bloodied. She had been dead “for some time”. 

An autopsy would later discover that she had died from blunt force trauma to her genital tract, and had horrific internal and external injuries.

Maris and Atwater claimed they had had consensual sex with Daley.

However, experts say that Daley’s blood alcohol level was so high that she would not have been able to consent to sex. She may not have been conscious.

On Monday night the ABC’s Four Corners program interviewed Daley’s family, who are incredulous that no action has been taken against the men.

A petition was launched calling for a review of the case. So far – in just three days – 60,000 people have signed the petition, and thousands have emailed the NSW DPP in protest.

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