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Officers Thought Gruesome Murder Was A Sick Prank

Mayang Prasetyo's feet were reportedly found in a stock pot

When two police officers visited Brisbane chef Marcus Volke’s inner-city unit in October 2014 for a welfare check, they initially thought the horrific scene before them was a “sick prank”.  

The pair were responding to a report from building managers about the presence of strange odours and blood on the carpet, The Australian reports.

But the officers were sickened to discover the dismembered and cooked remains of Volke’s transgender partner, Mayang Prasetyo.

According to The Guardian, officers found Prasetyo’s feet sticking out of a stock pot on the kitchen floor, while other remains were in a black garbage bag inside the washing machine.

The body of Volke was found in an industrial bin after he took his own life.

Brisbane chef Marcus Volke

The gruesome details were revealed during a three-day coronial inquest into the deaths and police response.  

Senior Constable Bryan Reid told the court he was overwhelmed by the strong smell inside the unit. 

“It was a bad smell, it was something I hadn’t smelled before — I can’t really describe it,” he said. 

“I’m thinking it could well be a murder that’s happened.”

The inquest also heard the chef was seeking treatment for mental health problems a few weeks prior to Prasetyo’s death, writes Yahoo 7.

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