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Australian Mum Warns Of Online Shopping Scam After Mysterious Package Arrives

With payment demands.

A Tasmanian woman is warning of an online shopping scam after receiving a mysterious package containing beauty products she didn’t order.

The company, LuxStyle, then demanded payment from the mother-of-one, threatening to send her to the debt collectors.

Assuming at the start that the package was sent to her by mistake, Asya Moussawi sent the company an email to which they responded saying they “do not send unsolicited shipments” and that if she wanted to return the products she would have to pay for postage and send the products back within 14 days. 

“I was surprised because I never order such products online because they are very cheap quality, and then I found an invoice for $67 to be paid within 14 days,” Asya told Kidspot.

“This is a lot of money for a bunch of useless products, and I didn’t ask for them in the first place,” she said.

It “was confusing and stressful because they sent me an email saying that they will send a debt collector unless I pay the money.”

She responded to LuxStyle stating that she would not be paying money for something she did not order and that if they wanted their products back, they should pay for the return postage.

After some back and forth, the scammers said they would continue to hound Asya for her “unpaid invoice” with automated emails and their “collection agency” if she failed to pay. 

Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) has already issued a warning to Australians about LuxStyle after receiving 127 complaints like Asya’s. 

The young mother warns, “I want to say to all the mums out there, please don’t share your personal information. Not even your email, your address, or anything. I was a victim just because I shared my name and address! So please be aware, this is really dangerous.”

ACCC says that if you receive the same sort of package, you do not need to pay for the goods and the company should be paying for the return shipment.

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