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Orlando Shooter’s Wife ‘Doesn’t Understand Cause And Effect’

She reportedly has learning difficulties

The school teacher of Orlando shooter Omar Mateen’s wife has spoken out about her struggle with understanding complex situations.

Susan was Noor Zahi Salman’s teacher at her California middle school, and she spoke to ABC News about her experience with teaching her. Noor was enrolled in Susan’s special education classes.

“Noor had difficulty with retention, she had difficulty with conceptualizing, understanding, all challenges to her,” Susan said. “She tried hard. She was very sweet.”

Noor’s family also released a statement to ABC news in response to Susan’s comments. It outlined that she did not understand ’cause and effect’, and that she needed extra help in high school.

“Noor is completely innocent and [was] unaware of the attacks,” it said.

Noor is being investigated by the FBI to see whether she had any involvement in the attacks. She has admitted to the FBI that she drove him to Pulse nightclub and other sites, such as Disney World, to ‘scope them out’. She also said that she was with him when he bought the gun and ammunition, but didn’t contact authorities.

Omar’s ex-wife, Sitora Yusufiy, said that he was mentally ill and has even alleged that he abused her throughout the relationship.

Noor and Omar married in September 2011 and met online.

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