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Victims Identified As Mother, Daughters And Grandmother In Horror WA Massacre

A man remains in custody

The five victims from the horror massacre in West Australia’s Bedford yesterday have been revealed as three generations from the same family.

Police were alerted to the tragedy after a man in his 20’s handed himself into police. 

Police have now confirmed the victims were twin two-year-old girls, a three and a half-year-old girl, their mother and grandmother, reports The West.

The man, who remains in custody, is believed to be related to the victims but no further information has been released at this time.

“This is a tragic event that will have no doubt have an impact, not only on the family and friends of the deceased, but for the whole of the community, those first responders who were faced with attending a scene with multiple deceased people,” Assistant Commissioner Paul Steel said at a press conference on Sunday.

This is the third mass killing the state this year.

“It does send a ripple through the community of Western Australia, he continued.

“Part of the homicide squad investigation is going to try and identify the time line of all events which led to this matter. How long the bodies have been there will also form part of that timeline inquiry.”

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