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Pete Evans’ Wife Is Having Her “Toxic” Breast Implants Removed This Week

They are “the deepest regret of her life”

Pete Evans and his wife, model Nicole Robinson, are vocal proponents of an all-natural, toxin-free lifestyle – a philosophy that’s always seemed glaringly at odds with the latter’s cosmetic enhancements.

But far from shying away from the apparent hypocrisy, Robinson has addressed it head-on, telling Channel 7’s Sunday Night that her breast implants are “the deepest regret of her life” in March this year.

“I wasn’t leading a natural life, which is why I have two toxic silicone implants attached to my chest,” she said in the interview.

“You know, I dabbled in fillers, Botox, all sorts of things that were driven by my fear… to try and make myself feel better.”

Just two months on, Robinson announced on her Instagram account that she’s having the implants removed this week (it’s possible she’s now in recovery).

Posting a photo of her pet dog, she captioned the image, “My human gets her fake bewbies explanted ‘en bloc’ style tomorrow.”

Pete Evans also posted an emotional message to his wife, saying, “Sending all my love to this amazing woman. Can’t wait until we see each other again angel.”

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