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Pharmacist Pleads Guilty To Drugging Assistant Who Refused His Advances

He allegedly began spiking her drinks to make her "suffer"

Pharmacist Yan Chi “Anthony” Cheung has pleaded guilty to spiking the drink of his assistant, Pamela Leung, after she refused his advances.

The 33-year-old, who worked on the University of New South Wale’s Kensignton campus, appeared in Waverley Local Court charged with poisoning to injure or cause distress or pain.

Leung, 26, knew Cheung prior to working with him, however according to the police report she “felt as though [Cheung] became obsessed with her” and would make sexual advances which according to the police report included brushing past her breasts, buttocks and hands.

Leung is believed to have confronted him about his behaviour and he appeared to have stopped, however he then allegedly began spiking her water and coffee with prescription drugs to make her “suffer”, say police.

Cheung preceded to drug the victim 23 times over the course of a year, allegedly with Phenergan, doxylamine, Endep, Seroquel and Deptran.

The drugs used would often cause Leung to fall ill or extremely drowsy during her shifts at the pharmacy, while some of the drugs used have been linked to other health issues with prolonged use including infertility.

After sensing that her water was tampered with Leung checked CCTV footage from the pharmacy and is now being used as evidence in the investigation, with offers alledging that the footage shows Cheung pouring a liquid into the woman’s drink. 

“As a pharmacist, [Cheung] had detailed knowledge of these drugs and the effects through his studies and employment,” police said.

 Cheung is set to undergo psychological assessment and will appear back in court on July 5.

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