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The Life Of Pia

You've seen her sizzling on screen in Home and Away and taking social media by storm - Pia Miller's beauty is hard to ignore. But TV's hottest star has her own story to tell.
David Gubert

Here’s what most of us already know about Pia Miller. She is breathtakingly beautiful – that much is obvious – with luxurious brunette curls that look like they style themselves and endless brown limbs which she stretches and folds like a newborn foal.

She was also nominated for a Best New Talent award at this year’s Logies for playing cop Katarina Chapman in Australia’s favourite soap, Home and Away; she’s got more than 415,000 Instagram followers; she’s mum to two gorgeous boys – Isiah, 13, from an early relationship, and Lennox, 9, from her eight0year marriage to former AFL player Brad Miller; and she has recently begun dating film producer Tyson Mullane.

Here’s what you don’t know:she’s a part-time midwife.

Well, not really – she doesn’t have any qualifications – but she’s spent a lot of time in the delivery suite welcoming babies into the world, including her brother Jesus’s two kids and her sister Paz’s son and daughter. “I was in the delivery room with all of them, virtually catching each baby as they came out,” laughs Pia. It’s where the girl her family calls a “mother duck: feels comfortable. “At any family function where there was a baby, I’d be the one picking up the baby, changing the baby, I was like a natural-born mum.”

Seems the universe thought so too, as the now 32-year-old became pregnant at 19 to her boyfriend at the time. “It was a a surprise,” she admits of first hearing the news.

“I’ll never forget [my mum] saying: ‘Let’s look ahead to five years’ time,”‘ recalls Miller. “She said, ‘Only you know your character and who you are as a person enough to know how you’ll feel then.'”

“I knew instantly,” she said of the lightbulb moment. “I knew that regardless of what happened career-wise, or relationship-wise, that I could do it.”

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