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Pink Stops Brisbane Concert For The Most Heartfelt Reason

"She just sobbed uncontrollably"

Pink is currently in Australia as part of her Beautiful Trauma Tour, performing in Brisbane on Tuesday night. But midway through the show, the singer paused the concert for the most incredible reason: she had noticed a sign in the crowd which read, “My name is Leah, I’m 14 years old. I lost my beautiful mum last month. I would love a hug.”

Leah Murphy had flown from north Queensland to Brisbane to attend one of Pink’s performances. Her mother Debbie, who passed away in June, had tickets to attend the show, so Leah’s aunt, Katrina Donkin, made a sign in an attempt to set up a special moment between Pink and the teenager.

“Once Pink got down to the quiet music she was looking out to the crowd, that’s when I started waving the sign,” Katrina told ABC.

“I had strangers in the crowd grab them off us as well and start waving them. It was just enough for Pink to say, ‘what is that?’.”

Katrina says that someone handed Pink the sign and she got the crowds to part so that they could make it to the front row.

“I just whispered in her ear, ‘you’re going to get your hug, sweetheart. We’re going to get you the hug’,” Kartina said.

“We ended up at the front row and Pink just held her for … it felt like 20 seconds.

“And Leah’s only 14, she’s a teeny-tiny little thing and she just sobbed uncontrollably in her arms.”

“Pink was just so genuine, she said, ‘hey, don’t cry, everything’s going to be okay,” Katrina continued. 

Since the heartfelt moment, Leah has been interviewed on Sunrise, saying the moment made her feel a lot happier. 

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