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Dozens of pregnant women want to use heroin rooms to inject. Should we let them?

A new proposal could see pregnant women and children under 18 using drug injecting rooms

If a controversial new proposal goes through, pregnant women and children under 18 could soon be legally able to use heroin injecting stations across Sydney.

Staff at King’s Cross injecting centre say they have been forced to turned away at least 25 pregnant women because existing rules do not allow them to use the facility.

However, according to The Daily Mail, the Medically Supervised Injecting Centre in Kings Cross (MSIC) staff say they are concerned that by denying these women access, their foetus’ could be at risk of unmanaged drug dependency.

Their proposal also suggests that children as young as 16 should be able to use their facility. MSIC nurses fear that turning away minors means they will inject somewhere else, in less safe circumstances.

In The Daily Telegraph, Acting Premier Tony Grant labelled the suggestions ‘ridiculous’ and said that MSIC were ‘off their rockers’.

NSW Health will put the put the centre’s submission to Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione on Friday. 

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