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This Pregnant Woman’s Revenge On Man Who Wouldn’t Give Up His Bus Seat Has Gone Viral

"I wonder what it's like to live somewhere with a less Hunger Games spirit on public transport"

Public transport is hardly a joyous experience at the best of times but, as any pregnant woman can attest, it’s particularly hard work when you’re expending all your energy on growing a brand new human.

British writer Brydie Lee-Kennedy is just one of countless women who have caught the bus, heavily pregnant, only to be denied a seat in favour of someone else’s wide-spread legs/briefcase/shopping bags.

But after she took action – in the most hilarious way – and tweeted her endeavours, the peak-hour public transport incident has gone viral, Yahoo7 reports.

Lee-Kennedy boarded the bus at eight months’ pregnant to find that the only spare seat was occupied by a bag belonging to the man sitting next to it.

Her next move? Priceless.

“I just sat on a man’s hand and bag when he wouldn’t move them off the last spare seat,” she tweeted. “We’re now sharing a very quiet ride.”

Her tweet has since been shared 1581 times and garnered 17,619 likes, with countless women sharing public transport nightmares of their own. 

“I was standing on a train, minding my own business while I cooked a human in my uterus after a long day of work, and some random douchebag pipes up from his seat with “I would offer you a seat, but being pregnant was your life choice”. I should have eaten him,” one woman writes.

“I was on the tube with my best mate once when a very very pregnant woman got on. No one got up. Not even the nun closest (who obviously pretended not to notice the woman), my friend, sitting next to the nun, got up instead,” shared another.

The lesson? Always give up your seat for a pregnant woman.

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