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What Happened To Prince George And Princes Charlotte During The Royal Wedding?

Eagle-eyed fans noticed the young royals weren't anywhere to be seen

While most of us were too busy oogling Meghan Markle’s dress or shedding a tear over Prince Harry’s tears (still not over it!) but while all that was happening, some eagle-eyed fans noticed something that seemed a little odd.

His royal cuteness Prince George and little sister, Princess Charlotte, both part of the bridal party, appeared to go missing during the service.

After the ceremony and as the newlyweds made their way down the aisle the numbers of bridesmaids and page boys had suddenly dropped.

Meghan Markle bridal party

Well it turns out all the little ones were taken into a side room during the service, as lets face it, royal or not, kids will be kids and sitting through a long service is never going to go well.

So following the service the children were brought back out, George and Charlotte remained behind with their parents, Prince William and Kate, and emerged on the steps of St George’s Chapel with them for the royal photo-op.

Prince William and Kate Middleton royal wedding

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