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Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Camped Out In A Friend’s House To Avoid The Press

This is how they dealt when news of their relationship broke

 Thanks to a new book, Harry: Life, Loss and Love by royal expert and Vanity Fair journalist Kate Nicholl, we’re about to get a whole lot more gossip about our favourite royals. In one juicy expert already shared with Vanity Fair, we learn just how Prince Harry and Meghan Markle coped when their relationship first made headlines: they sought refuge at a friend’s house.

But not just any old friend’s house: according to Nicholl, Markle suggested her friends Ben and Jessica Mulroney, one of the few couples who knew about her new, slightly famous bf. Jessica Mulroney is one of Meghan’s best friends (a rumoured bridesmaid, she even helped her choose her wedding dress); her husband Ben, somewhat bizarrely, is the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, who once hosted Princess Diana in their home.

So Megs and Harry camped out at their sprawling Toronto home to hide from the paps. The Mulroneys have three children, twins Brian and John, seven, and Isobel, four.

“When Harry came to visit the family he brought a bag filled with gifts,” a source tells Nicholls. “He won the kids over in an instant. He was brilliant with them and I actually think that might have been the moment Meghan really fell for Harry.”

We bet the Mulroney family can’t wait for the royal couple to return the favour. Sleepover at Kensington Palace, anyone?

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