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The Scene From The Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Lifetime Movie That Had Everyone Talking

And it wasn’t the sex scene...

If you’re like us and you’re counting down the days until the royal wedding, well the next best thing while we wait has to be the highly-anticipated Lifetime movie of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal romance.

Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance finally aired in the US over the weekend – and safe to say, it was classic, cheesy Lifetime at its best.

And while the Palace were reportedly concerned over the sex scene in the film, which turned out to be little more than some kissing and cuddling (shame), it seems there’s another scene that has everyone talking.

Following the now infamous press release released by Prince Harry to the media after news of their relationship leaked, the film shows Meghan being furious with the Prince’s actions, upset as it making her out to be a “damsel in distress”.

“I have spent years dealing with trolls and death threats all by myself, just a part of being in the public eye,” says Parisa Fitz-Henley in the role of Meghan. “I made peace with it because I am … not some fragile wench up in an ivory tower. My tower ain’t ivory, dude. And I’m not going to be put into one, you hear me?”

In the film, Meghan becomes so upset she breaks up with Harry, albeit briefly before the pair reconcile after her mother, played by Melanie Nicholls-King, talks some sense into her.

“That boy lost his mother to the paparazzi. They chased her into the tunnel that night. And after the crash, when she lay there dying, what did they do? They took pictures,” Markle’s mother points out. “Now those same people are attacking you. And you expect him not to try and protect you?”

The scene had fans wondering, if this actually happened – no official word from Kensington Palace (Bustle asked) but it seems the production team injected a little creative licence… 

“The statement that Harry released … that’s a pretty incredible departure of how the royals tend to respond to things like that,” said co-executive producer Michele Weiss in an interview. “We were trying to create something that made sense given who they are and their circumstances.”

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