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Prince Harry Refuses To Sign A Pre-Nup Before Marrying Meghan Markle

It must be love

According to reports, Prince Harry has rejected any talk of a prenuptial agreement – designed to protect his estimated £30-million ($AUD54-million) fortune – before he marries Meghan Markle on May 19th.

“There was never any question in Harry’s mind that he would sign a pre-nup,” a source close to the royal family tells The Daily Mail. “He’s determined that his marriage will be a lasting one, so there’s no need for him to sign anything.”

The Express reports that older brother Prince William also refused a prenuptial agreement before marrying Kate Middleton. “Prince Harry will be guided by family, despite advisors around him saying you should think about this,” their source says.

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Kensington Palace declined to comment on The Daily Mail’s story, saying only that it was a “private matter.”

Mind you, Meghan Markle has a not-too-shabby fortune of her own: an estimated $6.5-million from her role in Suits and varied endorsements.

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