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Prince Harry Says Says He Wants His “Father And Brother Back” In A New Interview

The Duke of Sussex sheds more light on his family ahead of the release of 'Spare'.
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Prince Harry is revealing more about the state of his relationship with King Charles and Prince William ahead of the release of his new memoir, Spare

The Duke of Sussex sat down with ITV’s Tom Bradby to promote his book, while shedding insight into his shattered family relationships—a story that’s been front and centre after the Duke and his wife Meghan Markle dropped their six-part Netflix documentary detailing their experience as working royals. 

In a trailer for the upcoming ITV interview, Harry revealed that he still wants to mend things with the King and the heir to the throne. 

“I would like to get my father back, I would like to have my brother back,” he tells Bradby. 

The Prince also sat down with CBS’ Anderson Cooper for another interview where he revealed that he felt “betrayed”, referencing that someone (who hasn’t been named) has “shown absolutely no willingness to reconcile”. 

He added: “The family motto is ‘never complain, never explain’, but it’s just a motto.”

The Duke also discussed in detail how a story could be planned and purposely planted against them. 

“They will feed or have a conversation with a correspondent, and that correspondent will literally be spoon-fed information and write the story, and at the bottom of it, they will say they have reached out to Buckingham Palace for comment,” Harry explained in the interview trailer. “But the whole story is Buckingham Palace commenting.”

“So when we’re being told for the last six years, ‘we can’t put a statement out to protect you’, but you do it for other members of the family, there becomes a point when silence is betrayal.”

The two interviews will drop just days before his memoir Spare is released on January 10. The book is set to delve into the relationship he has with Charles and William, and will likely be just as revealing as the six-part Netflix series released last month. More information about Spare (and where to pre-order it) can be found here

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