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Prince William’s Anniversary Present To Kate Was A Touching Tribute To Diana

The couple celebrated their 9th wedding anniversary

Prince William and Kate Middleton celebrated their ninth wedding anniversary on April 30. Unsurprisingly the future King of England regularly looks to the family’s extensive jewellery collection for the occasion. Look at photos of the Duchess of Cambridge’s wrist, and you’ll notice she favours a particular watch: the Cartier Ballon Bleu watch. The sentimental piece was gifted to the Duchess on the pair’s third wedding anniversary. 

Beyond being an incredible piece, the watch has another significant meaning. Princess Diana used to own a Cartier Tank Francaise watch, which was a present from her father, John Spencer, and she was frequently spotted wearing it in the months leading up to her death.

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princess diana
Prince William and Princess Diana, 2003 (Credit: Getty Images)

It was one of Prince William’s favourite pieces from his mother’s collection, and he kept it as a memento. He has another special connection to the brand, as Princess Diana apparently bought him a Cartier watch of his own, which she had engraved for his birthday.

Cartier is obviously sentimental to the Duke and was an extra thoughtful gift to his wife. Apparently, William even went the extra mile by adding a sapphire to the frame of the watch, so it would match Kate’s engagement ring, which of course once belonged to Princess Diana. 

Going to be hard to top that one, Wills. 

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