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Prince William Makes Rare Gaffe During Visit To Japanese Cultural Centre

Taking after Prince Phillip…

It’s rare you see Prince William put a foot out of place, however the young royal this week made rare gaffe during a visit to a Japanese cultural centre in London.

His grandfather Prince Phillip, is famous for his culturally-inappropriate gaffes, and it seems Wills took a leaf out of his book, when he sat down with a group of children during the visit.

Making small talk, Wills asked the kids if they had eaten “much Chinese food”, before quickly correcting himself to say Japanese food, reports People

“Um, Japanese food. Have you had much Japanese food? No? Not too much. Do you like sushi?  It’s delicious, it really is yummy,” he said.

The prince later enjoyed a plate of salmon sashimi, where he revealed he and wife Kate love sushi.

“Thank you very much,” he said. “My wife and I love sushi. We might have to come down here for lunch when no one else is in.”

“You must get a lot of Japanese visitors here. So do lots of people come in and ask for a burger? That’s what usually happens, doesn’t it?”

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