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There’s Photos Of Prince William Riding A Motorbike, FYI

Justin Bobby, is that you?!

Just when you thought seeing the Queen at London Fashion Week was the weirdest royal sighting of the day, Prince William goes and jumps on a motorbike.

That’s right, the Duke of Cambridge channelled his rebellious younger brother while visiting Triumph Motorcycles and the HORIBA MIRA Technology Park.

In what looks more like a fashion campaign than a royal photo, William is pictured looking away from the camera with a brooding, male model expression on his face. 

The future king, naturally, wore his suit while on the bike.

Back in 2015, Kate Middleton expressed her concerns over William’s love of motorbikes, saying she hopes she can keep her son, Prince George, away from them.

“He’s still riding it,”; she told a fan in Scotland. “It always fills me with horror when he goes out on it,” the Duchess continued.

“I’m terrified. Hopefully, I’m going to keep George off it.”

prince william

Naturally, Twitter has a few thoughts about the father-of-two and his hot new hobby. 

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