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Princess Charlene Of Monaco Says Raising 4-Year-Old Twins Is “Exhausting”

She opens up about motherhood

Princess Charlene of Monaco is a royal who looks like she has her act together. She always looks polished and chic, but even she admits wrangling twins is “exhausting”.

Princess Charlene opened up about motherhood in an interview with French magazine Point de Vue. Charlene is married to Prince Albert II (Grace Kelly’s son) and has a son and daughter, four-year-old twins Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella.

Princess Charlene shared that she’s as a very hands-on and protective mum, and admitted that raising twins while “often exhausting is also very stimulating in many areas.”

The twins already speak two languages, speaking English at home and French at school.

“This leads them to develop their own thinking, their own vision of things,” said Charlene, who was born in Zimbabwe. “Me, as their mother, I discover, I learn. I find it marvelous following their evolution, accompanying them on this path.”

According to Charlene, Jacques and Gabriella share a strong bond. She explained that they have an “incredible affection and gentleness for one another”. She says the pair “talk to each other all the time, and like all children they sometimes can be a little abrupt, a little hard even in their exchanges, but they support each other unconditionally.”

Prince Albert is a doting father, too. Princess Charlene revealed that he is “a remarkable, wonderful, fun father; a dad who listens and encourages his children.” 

“He spends a lot of time with Jacques and Gabriella and takes care of them as often as he can,” she said, adding that he takes them to school every morning (when he’s not away for work).

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