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Priyanka Chopra Says She Almost Had Cold Feet Before Marrying Nick Jonas

And that's the reason she was 40-minutes late to her own wedding

It may be hard to tell by the countless ceremonies and events Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra held for their marriage last year that it wasn’t exactly all easy going. Appearing on Watch What Happens Live, Chopra revealed part of the reason she was 40 minutes late to her Christian ceremony in December was that she almost had cold feet.

Answering a question about who cried the most, Chopra says they both cried for different reasons.

“He cried. I cried. He cried,” Chopra said. “It was just like, it happened so fast. And I had a freak-out moment right before I walked down the aisle.”

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“I was about 40 minutes late, because I was just like, ’75-foot train. Do I even know what I’m doing?’ Like, a full freak-out moment. But then that door opened, and I saw his face, and…” she said, miming a tear rolling down her face.

The newlyweds are currently vacationing in Miami with the fellow Jonas Brothers and ‘J Sisters’ Sophie Turner and Danielle Jonas. 

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