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PSA: ‘Prosecco Pilates’ Is A Thing And It’s Actually An Excellent Workout

Strengthen and sip

Struggling to decide between doing your at-home workout or having a tipple after work? Allow us to introduce you to the happy medium we didn’t know we needed: Prosecco Pilates.

To quote the inimitable Julie Andrews, these are few of our favourite things — and as much as it may sound as though it involves sipping bubbles while you sprawl out on your yoga mat, it’s actually a surprisingly challenging workout (sorry!).

In fact, adding a glass of prosecco (or any drink of your choice, really) to your workout is less about the sip-sip and more about the stretch-and-strengthen — although you do get reward yourself at the end!

Why? The whole challenge is to keep the prosecco from spilling as you fluidly move through your reptitions. As a result, your muscles will have to work that little bit harder to keep you stable while you transition through rounds of side planks, leg extensions and supermans, and other such moves.

Check out the video below for an example of prosecco Pilates in action.

The trend, which starting gaining momentum last year, was revived by UK-based Pilates teacher Kelly Ravenscroft during lockdown.

“I added a glass of prosecco to our last class of the week as a way to relax and unwind,” she told Metro.

“We were all in our pyjamas as well, so it was meant to be a way of connecting virtually with each other – as if we were having a drink at the end of class.”

We’ll drink to that!

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