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QLD Toddler’s Death Sparks Outrage: ‘Mason Should Never Have Gone Home’

An investigation into the department of child safety has been launched after the tragic death of 21-month-old Mason Lee

When little Mason Lee was found dead in a Caboolture home on June 11, paramedics and police were seen sobbing in the street at what they had just witnessed.

Something no one should ever have to experience, and something that should never have happened if the system hadn’t failed.

As details continue to emerge surrounding the 21-month-old’s tragic death, a simultaneous investigation has been launched into doctors and child protection workers who knew about Mason’s situation.

The Courier Mail reports that doctors notified child safety departments three months prior to Mason’s death, after he was admitted to hospital with a broken leg, severe nappy rash and ruptured bowel – injuries which suggested long-term abuse.

The question begs, why was little Mason sent home.

Health Minister Cameron Dick says doctors followed the correct procedures from their end, however the investigation is now looking into why, despite this, Mason was returned to his family.

Queensland’s Health Minister has ordered an investigation, and Opposition child safety spokeswoman Ros Bates tells the ABC that the child safety department is “haemorrhaging under pressure” and fears there will be more cases like little Mason’s if something isn’t done.

“The fact that Mason was returned to his family is horrendous,” she said. “Mason should never have been released. Mason should have been kept in hospital.”


Right To Information documents obtained by the opposition show that up to 46 per cent of children reported weren’t followed up within the 30 days timeframe.

“There is another Mason out there,” continues Bates. “The Minister needs to explain what they did, what they knew and what they will do so this never happens again.”

As the the investigation into Mason’s death, which is being treated as a homicide, continues, and police are urging for anyone with information to come forward.

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