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Here’s Definitive Proof The Queen Has Binge-Watched The Crown

Hey, she’s only human
The crown

Ever since The Crown dropped on Netflix, we can’t help but wonder: have the Royals actually watched any of it? Do they sit there late at night scoffing popcorn and watching their lives unfold in glorious colour?

While some have admitted to casting an eye over The Crown (we’re looking at you Princess Eugenie!), the Queen has never admitted to watching the show – until now that is.

So how do we know? Well, in the fifth episode of season 2, “Marionettes,” a guy named Lord Altrincham criticises the Queen for being removed from her people, suggesting she televise her annual Christmas message in order to appear more personable.

 The episode aired a few weeks before Christmas, and was referenced in the real Queen’s speech over the holiday period:

The crown

“Sixty years ago today, a young woman spoke about the speed of technological change as she presented the first television broadcast of its kind. She described the moment as a landmark,” the Queen said. “Six decades on, the presenter has ‘evolved’ somewhat, as has the technology she described.”

Considering the timing, it would seem the Queen indeed watches The Crown – or one of her staff thought it would be funny to reference. Either way, we’re taking it as proof that she’s a fan.

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