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The Surprising Reason The Queen Always Wore Mint Green For Special Occasions

Her fashion choice held a hidden meaning.

It’s no secret the royal family are masters at sharing hidden messages through their fashion choices. From Princess Diana’s very telling decision to avoid Chanel following her divorce from Prince Charles to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s always matching ensembles, the members of The Firm have certainly proved they know how to grab the world’s attention, even with the most subtle of details.

Among those members is Her Majesty, who since her reign began, had cleverly communicated with the public through her bold, often colourful, wardrobe.

One colour in particular many have noticed Queen Elizabeth II reserved for the more special occasions, including her 90th birthday in 2016, and her first official solo outing with Markle in 2018, is mint green—and it’s not by accident. 

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We know the Queen often wore bright hues to ensure she had maximum visibility in crowds, meaning members of the public will have a better chance at getting a glimpse of her, but, according to marie claire U.K.the subtle shade of green is a means of communicating hope and good luck. 

The monarch opted for the hue for a surprise public appearance to attend a service to mark the Centenary of the Royal Australian Air Force at the CWGC Air Forces Memorial, in Runnymede in Surrey. 

This outing didn’t just communicate a sign of hope, she wore her Wattle brooch, made by Melbourne company William Drummond & Co, as a tribute to Australia. 


Earlier this year, the Queen even donned this hue to pose for her Platinum Jubilee portrait in Sandringham House, in Norfolk. The portrait would be one of the last commissioned in her honour, following her tragic passing in Balmoral on September 8. 


Vale, Queen Elizabeth.

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