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Rebecca Judd’s Homeware Obsession Goes Viral

Have you got these at home?

Rebecca Judd caused a stir with her princess dress at the Logies, and now she’s causing a frenzy in Kmart stores around Australia.

On Tuesday, she revealed that she uses $2 kitchen bowls from Kmart and her fans have since jumped on the bowls and are sending Kmart out of stock!

She initially shared the bowls in an Instagram photo of her daughter Billie putting food into the bowls.

She captioned the photos: “Those $2 Kmart bowls which are all over their ad are seriously 👌🏻 I may have bought them in every size and colour 😏 #notspon #justawesome”.

Her fans filled up the Instagram with comments about not being able to find the bowls since.

One fan said: ‘Great no wonder they are sold out tried today and no deal!’

Another fan also said: ‘I went back to Kmart on Saturday to get the rest of the set and still none left!’ 

The bowls also come in different colours and can be part of a six-piece dinner set for $12.

You can find the bowls on the Kmart website.

Source: DailyMail

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