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Victory for refugee who was raped on Nauru

A judge has ruled that Australia must help a young refugee who was raped while on Nauru

Australia must help a young woman who was raped on Nauru, a court has ruled – and last night Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said he would not appeal the decision.

The news comes as the woman enters her second trimester – and it means that the Australian government must arrange for an abortion.

The case is a victory for the woman, who was living on Nauru as a refugee and was raped while in the midst of a epileptic seizure.

Afterwards, the woman – known only as S99 – begged to be transferred to Australia for an abortion. But the government argued that the woman wasn’t Australia’s responsibility.

Instead, she was flown to Papua New Guinea for an abortion.

However, abortions are illegal in PNG, and the young woman refused to undergo a termination there on the grounds that she could be arrested, and that there weren’t adequate medical facilities to cope with her epilepsy.

There was never any dispute that the woman was raped.

Since being transferred to PNG, S99 has been living under guard, and pregnant, awaiting a judge’s decision.

Lawyer George Newhouse said, “It is imperative that the Turnbull Government immediately brings her to Australia – or to another country where she can receive the highest standard of neurological and gynecological care.

“The Prime Minster has said that it is unAustralian to disrespect women and that he wants a “cultural shift” in our society to ensure that women are respected – well, he can start with this poor soul.”


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